Video Trailer of the Superbike-Coach Cornering Program

The Superbike-Coach team describes their Cornering School program in this six minutes video.

Cornering School for street riders on the race track

Learn to corner and everything which comes along with it on a parking lot?!… You’ll be excited about our Cornering School Day’s; This is good for ALL rider levels and ALL bike types. This is learning to corner/survive in the most realistic and safest environment you possibly could be in. We will teach you very specific MotoGP riding techniques, like trail braking and much more. In cooperation with the Little 99 Raceway in Stockton we have a facility in central California to offer rider coaching on a high level- for a low price. Other schools using the word “advanced”- Superbike-Coach does advanced! Learn all survival skills for daily riding on public roads.

Suits riders who…

  • Street riders, track newbies
  • All skill levels (we run 3 level groups)
  • Riders who are up to do their first track day
  • All categories of motorcycles

If other schools couldn’t help you much If you’re tired reading books about it If you want to be the better rider! The Track We’re Using The Stockton Little 99 Raceway is a perfect place to learn because it has everything you have to face on public roads, from tight turns to the sweepers… it’s just more forgiving than a public street. The track allows us to change layouts to give you more challenges. Also, our classroom area is perfectly set for the purpose of making you a better rider!

NO extra track fees… NO bike preparation… NO track gear required… and FREE stuff Riding and learning on a track was never more reasonable. This service suits street riders who wants to learn best-riding techniques, or are up to do their very first track day. Ordinary track days never provide step-by-step instruction. You are on your own! This “Cornering School” will provide step-by-step instruction for street riders and track riders. The class starts at 9:00am and ends at about 4:00pm. Our photographer makes FREE of charge sport photos, and we’ll bring water and snacks.

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