• Motorcycle Track Days

    Way different as other organizers:
    – All bikes and rider levels OK
    – Less bike preparation
    – More beginner orientated

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  • Street Rider Programs

    Learning from first-hand with efficiency:
    – Free Braking Seminars
    – Road Skill 1on1
    – Cornering School Day’s

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  • Stunt Programs

    Extremely unique and very popular:
    – Wheelie Course class
    – Knee Down class
    – Bike Slide class

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  • Motorcycle Tours

    Experience with us a ‘ones in a lifetime’ trip :
    – California Tour
    – Laguna Seca For Everyone
    – US Southwest Loop Tour

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  • Track Programs

    Become the better rider- faster and safer:

    – Youth Coaching
    – Supermotard 1on1
    – Track Drill 1on1
    – Motorcycle Preparation classes
    – Cornering School Day’s 1, 2 & 3
    – Laguna Seca for everyone
    – Track Days

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Award winner, Superbike-Coach Corp 2015

Award winner 2015, Superbike-Coach Corp

About the Superbike-Coach Corp

Superbike Coach is a award winning top-class motorcycle riding school in California. We teach street and track riders of all ages and levels in our popular and highly reviewed programs in classes or real 1-on-1. Our goal is to make you a better rider! We offer these popular programs:

  • 1-on-1 Track day coaching
  • Laguna Seca specials
  • Motorcycle stunt riding with wheelie and knee dragging classes
  • Supermoto training
  • Motorcycle tours
  • Cornering School Days and Road Skill
  • And we’re organizing Track Days

We operate mainly in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, but our motorcycle tours are nationwide.

Most popular programs

Cornering School Day’s

cornering-school-superbikecoach testSuperbike-Coach’s top notch street rider class. We run Day 1, 2 and 3 on a little race track. No extra track fees- No bike preparation necessary- No track specific gear. All are perfectly structured and loaded with knowledge and fun. You can use your own bike, as well as our school bike with a mounted wheelie bar, but we also have a adequate rental bike.

Wheelie Course

wheelie school-superbikecoachThis course is more than learning of how to do a wheelie on a motorcycle. This is learning riding a bike under different physics- throttle control- and how to deal with fears to fight that demon.

You’ll learn the stunt from professionals in a safe and legal place. These classes are always sold out since the last three years

Knee Down

knee-down-superbikecoachEvery sport bike riders has this dream, and so many are having problems to get it done… to drag the knee. So this class and Coach Can are ready to help you finally doing it- safe and legal. You’ll learn about ideal lines, body positioning, to view through turns, and to defied that demon on your shoulder. This is an extremely unique program you should not miss out.

Track Drill 1on1, and up to 1on3

homeslide1We teach from the first time track rider up to the very experienced A group track rider. Coach Can decided to restrict the Track Drill to personal 1on1 up to 1on3- so that maximum individual attention is guaranteed. Coach uses HD video and GPS data logs for analysis- and yea, you work with a MotoGP wild card professional! What can be better than that?!

What riders say about us (read more)

Coach Can has an unusual ability that I have found only in the world’s top trainers. He is able to break down difficult topics into practical skills.- Andrew M., Sargent Sacramento PD, Road Skill 1on1
The coaches are super attentive, helpful, and chill. Coach Can’s got such a snarky sense of humor that it’s worth going to the class just to rub elbows with him in person.- A. Cohen, San Antonio, TX, Wheelie Course, Stockton 2013
If you are looking for someone that realizes that riding motorcycles is not just about one’s physical abilities, Coach Can is your answer.- Patryk Buchcik, Walnut Creek, CA
Class day started on time, well organized, good balance between riding and instructions. Snacks, refreshment, free photography (they took 1500+ pics that day that will be posted for free downloads), plenty of parking, and FUN!- Mahmoud Elaskary, Cornering School Day 1
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