A&S Motorcycles in Roseville could fix my baby

Straight up… Ducati’s are divas.

My 2014 Panigale 1199 is not just that. She’s also a drama queen. That goes from tire choice to suspension settings and finding the right sprocket ratios. She is loud, mean, and a machine which needs a hand. Extremely physical to ride, especially on roads. This is why I only take her out on tracks and have a 2018 Mutistrada Enduro Pro for the street. Both bikes are taken care of by A&S Motorcycles in Roseville, which is pretty much the only dealership I trust.

Superbike-Coach Ducati 1199, Maintained by A&S While the Multistrada had only one issue so far, A&S had it fixed in no time. The EVAP canister filled up with gas and instead of having me waiting… A&S took a canister right out of a other bike and ordered a new one for that one. Genius.

The 1199 on the other hand… that thang had A&S entertained for a while. No false codes, so they were not to shy to involve Italy and their engineers. They suggested to just to swap injectors from one to the other cylinder, and that bike was running like a charm again. In the end, A&S suspected a bad plug connection and had it fixed.

I can’t thank A&S not enough for taking good care of Superbike-Coach school bikes as we need them pretty much every day. I love these guys because they are flexible and think out of the box. Thank you guys!

Wanna see ‘Cleopatra’ in action?… I have two B+ spot openings for our track day at Thunderhill Raceway on 8/27/2023.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp


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