Just another new year resolution

Just a new year resolution

New year is here… oh hold on, racers think in ‚racing seasons‘ actually… you don’t become old that way you know.  It’ll just reminds you that you have something like an „expiration date“, especially as a pro. Time is a factor in many ways in racing.

However, the Christmas food was fantastic of course, as also the New Years party hangover. Now let’s get back on the treadmill  to get rid of that fat belly and to stick with the self-imposed new year resolution “to make the breakthrough this year” and that’s a top priority goal, every racer has to have, from the novice to the top-notch MotoGP racer- because everything else would be just senseless burned fuel.

Deep down in the athlete heart, charged with emotions and adrenalin, the new years resolution has grown to a infinitely moving forward power. You don’t show it of course, because you never know if it working out this time, right?!  You’re conflicted by excitement and jumpiness, but 100% convinced that you gonna make it… or… maybe?!  This „spontaneous pressure“ makes you leeway, more and more, until you totally loose the true passion for racing. This, you may don’t know yet as a novice, but this is a natural process, which kicks in after your first taste of a victory. So you have to accept this as a top racer, some fine day.

Not that I really knew- but I think, only as a multiple World Champion, the brain region, where once was this special passion located, will get some power surges again… just because ‘you’re the man’. But from the prospective as a World Champion, the slogan „I gonna make it this year“ will become to a exhausted phrase, and surely not spectacular enough to motivate you. How can you follow this ideals, if you are the ideal already?! That seems not to count for Valentino Rossi, but some fine day- it will.

In a matter of fact… only a handful of racers will be capable to turn their New Years resolution into a breakthrough. But right now, all the racers around the world are standing on that treadmill with this hope in their minds, which is carried by their dreams.  And this is only one of the passions in racing, this is positive energy, which encourage you in many ways of life.

By Coach Can, Superbike-Coach Corp

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    Anna says:

    I was recommended to this web site through my cousin. I’d like to join a couple of classes but I’m now not sure with which one I should go first. I was hoping you can recommend the way to take. Thanks!


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