Beale Air Force Base Adopts Superbike-Coach’s Advanced Motorcycle Cornering School to Train Members

Can Akkaya official coach of the United States Air Force

Can Akkaya official coach of the United States Air Force Beale Base

The Air Force Safety Center in Albuquerque New Mexico officially approved the Superbike Coach Cornering School program to train advanced motorcycle riding techniques to its members.  The Air Force will provide training for it’s memebers to attend Can Akkaya’s school, which includes classroom and track sessions.

Can Akkaya, Headcoach of the Superbike-Coach Corp, 2014

Can Akkaya, Headcoach of the Superbike-Coach

I’m coming such a long way. From the scratch- up to professional racing. Then starting teaching from the scratch- up to Superbike-Coach. Immigrating to the country of my heart and starting life from the scratch again to be a coach for the US Air Force today. I can’t emphasize how much I feel honored right now! Can Akkaya, Headcoach

The Beale Air Force base was seeking contact to the Superbike-Coach Corp in need for a appropriate and efficient motorcycle riding school to train their soldiers and to reduce injuries. An advanced cornering training which is held in an controlled environment which is designed to corner by cornering specialists.

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