Happy New Year In Many Ways!

I just can’t wait to get Superbike-Coach started in 2021. Actually… when I consider what we’ve done meanwhile to even have a fresh start… holy cow!

Lot’s of bikes had to be repaired and maintained- new ideas and teaching methods implemented and a class schedule had to be created and arranged with all partners and Superbike-Coach team members.

Now look at it… The first three classes are totally booked up already and the waiting lists are long. Just think about it what that actually says about Superbike-Coach. We deliver, and so we will in 2021- despite the pandemic.

Most of our sponsors are staying with us, and I’m super happy about it: Carrillo Law Center, Raven Synthetics and Amsoil, Moto Gear, GoMotoTrip Fairings, Forma Boots USA, BikeMaster, Bridgestone and Dynojet Research.

superbikecoach corneringschool 2020 december06 Feature Pics 15

I also want to thank all those who supported us through out these hard times and still do. We lost nine entire classes last year. All of them were loaded with riders, but they didn’t lose anything. So thanks again to all those donators who helped us out. You people are amazing!

So, for all who have been with Superbike-Coach already- I hope you come back to refresh, and those who thinking about it… stop thinking cuz’ you’re missing out!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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