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We’re just in the middle of the pandemic and it might gets worse. Eight Superbike-Coach programs had to be cancelled so far. While others open up- we just can’t. Not just that- since we’re moving students of a lockdown affected class down the calendar- not just the cancelled date is lost- also the next classes since they fill up only with rescheduled students. Also, we haven’t received any business supports and it is time to reach out to you and to ask you to join the fundraiser we’ve started.

In all the years we’ve been helping motorcycle riders to stay alive and to fulfill their dreams- literally. Not just in classes on a physical level- also and especially mentally. But our help also goes beyond our actual job, because the entire Superbike-Coach team has nothing but tips and tricks for the riders, all the time. We help people with gear and bike relative questions every day and even fixing someones motorcycle here and then. This team is all family- all heart, so please join the fundraiser and help us to keep helping you. Not easy for me to do this, but we have to make it through this.

On this route… I was planning to organize a ride out for (in the guideline of course) Superbike-Coach students only, but I also want to invite all those who contributed here. When this is happening?… we’ll see, but it’s never too early to plan things. Please fill out this form to be on the list, cuz’ I can imagine that we’ll have to restrict headcount (cuz’ we have a bunch of students ya know :-)  This is a free event to join of course. Here is the link to the form to get on for students and those who contributed:

This is the link to the fundraiser: Covid-19 relieve ‘Help Us To Help You’

Thanks for helping, Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp


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