Outstanding track day with Superbike-Coach

We had an outstanding track day at Thunderhill Raceway on Sunday 6/2/2024.

The track rookie class, which was a group in itself was booked up while C and B group were about 90% loaded with riders. Coach Can Akkaya gave strict directions in regard safety, and all participants were sticking up to it. The control riders kept an close eye on rule violations and were on top of everything. Besides a purposely shown red flag, there was not a single incident to complain about. The track rookie class was the first of its kind and so we struggling a little with it, but we’re learning from it and we’ll make adjustments for the future.

Our photographers Sean Dunley and Dean Lonskey featured some pictures.

SuperBikeCoach Clinic June 25, 2023

SuperBikeCoach Clinic June 25, 2023

The next Superbike-Coach track day will be at Thunderhill Raceway on 11/3/2024 and will host the Track Academy. We can’t wait to get this one started.

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