Personal letter from Coach to his new cornering school graduates

To my cornering school graduates :)

Can’t tell you how proud I am for each one of you, and that’s mostly not because of the progress ya’ll made throughout the time I’ve seen ya… more because of ‘the change’ I’ve seen- you point of view- you have goals- you’re on a mission- you grew, maybe in many ways- you’re mentally stronger- your attitudes elevated- respect- love- passion!

Did you fully ‘arrive’?… No, and I hope for you that you never will, because this is the fuel for love and passion, isn’t it?!

The sad part for me is that I won’t see some of you again, but for those who want to repeat will be rewarded in many ways.

Now how about you finally wrap up a public review and let others know what they are missing out (Angie’s List, BBB, Google reviews, FB fan page , Yelp)! Proof that I am not wrong with you.

superbikecoach corneringschool Feature Pics 6 scaled 1

If you don’t want to repeat CSD- you are qualified to do the Track Academy, Suspension Workshop & Track Time, Body Pos class, Knee Down and Wheelie classes. Keep having fun with Superbike-Coach and explore what else is in you and your hobby.

Thanks again for helping to surprise the living out of Marion. Please upload your vids here. Share them on social medias as well as Dean’s featured pictures. The rest of it comes towards the end of this week.

So… I’ll never forget you and your personalities. You’re my kids now :-)

Stay loyal, proud and smart.

Your Coach!

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