Feeding the demand: Additional Cornering Day 2 class on 9/11/2022

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We’re feeding the high demand by adding another Cornering Day 2 class to our calendar: 9/11/2022

We know about the problem that not all of our Day 1 graduates can find a Day 2 spot- or if they do, then it’s far out. So for those who already have a Day 2 spot- I would like to ask you to stick with it, especially if you also have a Day 3 spot already. That would help us, and those who are waiting for an additional Day 2 date way longer than you.

So, I hope ya’ll take advantage of it and that I’ll get to see you on 9/11/2022 for Cornering Day 2.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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