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Superbike-Coach is proud partner of BrakeTech USA. All of our school bikes are running with their parts and pads for many good reasons. The Ferodo Motorcycle Division, headquartered at the Federal Mogul advanced engineering Special Products Plant in Mondovi, Italy, is an integral component of the Motorcar Racing cell.

All aspects of development and testing are performed at this single site with the worlds most advanced computer controlled dynamometers and test facilities. Non-stop R & D and a coveted close association with major World Factory Race Teams is the key towards continued dominance in Racing and high performance friction materials for most demanding enthusiasts. BrakeTech USA, Inc. is the North American technical liaison, importer and distributor of Ferodo Racing products.

BrakeTech USA, Inc. is the manufacturer of the patented AXIS™ and SuperAxe™ line of billet manufactured Ductile iron, Cobra™ stainless steel and AXIS/CMC™ full-floating front and rear rotors and oversize kits.  BrakeTech USA is dedicated to bringing the highest quality brake components to market for a wide variety of application requirements.

Coach Can Akkaya will make a blog article about his experience with BrakeTech products soon.

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Superbike-Coach Corp

body pos knee down class

The knee down classes are with me almost ever since I started Superbike-Coach programs in the USA. This class was designed for those riders who suppose to know a view things already, but still struggle to drag that knee. I always saw it like the last instance to ‘get it finally done’, just like when you are about to get the trick learning wheelies. I could see this- but most riders not.

No offense, but there are riders who are signing up for knee (and wheelie) classes when they are actually not really ready for this. This is maybe caused by influences of friends, wish-thinking or self-overestimation. I know how I sound like right now, but it’s a fact. Some look into cornering school but since they come off a parking lot “school”, they might remember what “school” looked like and  imagine what this “school” looks like, and think that this ain’t fair enough for them. See the point? You go try to explain that they are wrong there :-)

This was the actual trigger for me to offer the ‘Body Positioning’ class, because that goes more into detail and content than taking the challenge and to chase that knee. That triggered the next issue, which was that people didn’t see the difference of these two programs. So I’m sharing some pain with you right now and you can say I am tired of it, and migrated the best out of both programs :-)

superbike coach bodyposition kneedown Mini Oval PicsThe morning hours will be filled with classroom and track sessions, all about lines, viewing, body pos/language, saving energy, and some stuff MotoGP boys do. That’s quite some content there, and then we hit track session after track session in the afternoon where you are on our oval either with your bike and our mini bike. At this time I am side line coaching you until you got it down. We had a fantastic test operating the ‘Knee Down & Body Position class‘ last April, and this will be it from here.

Btw… if you read this and you are in that “wish-thinking or self-overestimation” picture… do not sign up for this as this is way ahead of you. The cornering school program is where all the magic is happening for all levels! Faith is better than wish-thinking and visions.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Superbike-Coach Cornering School Day 3

We are feeding the demand with additional Cornering Day 3 class because due to all those rain reschedules, we’ve lost 2 cornering dates, one of them was a Day 3 class. Under pain we’ve decided to surrender a Knee Down class date and turn 7/15/2023 to an additional Cornering Day 3 class.


Heeadcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

superbikecoach track day
OK guys, here is a booking status for our Track Day at Thunderhill Raceway on 8/27/. Please make an early booking as this one will book up soon:
B+: 18 spots left
B: 15 spots left
C: 13 spots left
This is a track day beginner orientated event- our fun event where about 90% of students (other programs) come together. A whole lotta different respect level here. Come join us:
drops of rain on glass accadeee

Our Cornering Day 1 class has been rescheduled from 2/26/ to 3/25/2023 due to rain.

All students on the roster have been informed via email.

Superbikecoach track rookie class

The Track Rookie Class will be rescheduled from 3/5/2023 to 7/23/2023.

All students have been informed via email.

Superbike-Coach Cornering School Day 3

Cornering Day 3 will be rescheduled due to rain from 2/5/2023 to 3/5/2023

All students have been informed via email.