Reschedule of your Cornering Day 2 necessary due to rain and temperatures

Unfortunately I have to reschedule your Cornering Day 2 which was planned for coming Sunday. The weather forecast is changing all the time (50% chance of rain), so I need to do this due to rain and low temperatures for safety reasons.

I was looking much forward to see everyone again, but hey… we’ll get there as usual. Don’t worry- you won’t lose spot/money. We’ll change the planned CSD-1 on 2/21/16 to a CSD-2, so this is your new date folks. If the date won’t work for you… go here to pick a other one. So please respond with a smooth ‘OK’- or a other date you’d prefer.

Anyway, the new date will make sense for many of you who are also doing my 1st track day on March 20th.

Coach Can

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