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Pandemic and lock downs got in the way, but Superbike-Coach could finally turn over what’s been promised for a long time.

The SBC team of Marion, Chris, Mark, Wayne, Dean and myself delivered so that this free student and donator ride out was such a blast that we decided to plan such (or other) get-togethers ones a year. Here are some of Dean Lonskeys pictures.

Headcoach Cn Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

We finally could find a date to run the promised free student and donator ride out with the entire Superbike-Coach team. I am super excited about it.

Ninety Six donations have been made, to help us to maintain. Students and even people who never been with us contributed. This is not about numbers, but their hearts. We want to ride and to hang out with them on 10/4/2020.

So, if you’ve been (no matter how far this is back) an SBC student- or if you’ve donated to support us- you can join us. You will have fill the form so we know the headcount, and to wait for the details. Eighty Eight students and donators are on the list already, but this will gain by far I guess.

Only $335 and the fundraiser goal will be reached. Lots of it will be contributed to the Superbike-Coach team, which I love to death! You might help to reach the goal.

We want to ride and to hang out- doing a little BBQ. We’ll also have a service truck with us. Dean’s camera will be glowing all night I guess :-)

All free- but for love and passion :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp is the premier calendar of all your favorite group rides and events under one roof.
From local day rides, to regional adventure rides to multi-day road trips. From moto shows, to demo days, to bike nights and special events.

Superbike-Coach loves also their Meetup Group Forum because it brings like-minded people together and builds friendships- kinda what’s happening in our Cornering School Day’s.

Give them a shot and register free to join their riding events in the Bay area. I will join some of their rides as well so wee might meet and ride together.

group rides with superbike-coach

Best regards and a Happy new year!

Headcoach Can Akkaya


Our last Southwest Loop Bike Tour was a blast. We started out in San Francisco California on April 26th, and finished it 20 days later. Guide Can Akkaya had a tight scheduled program which included lots of surprises for the guests from Germany, Who has been the first time on U.S. soil, and Superbike-Coach has taking care of everything- from the motorcycles to the hotels.

Each day followed a well planned and organized scenic route. The first destination was San Simeon, down on California’s Highway One. Next day included Santa Monica Pier- Venice Beach, Hollywood Blvd and its walk of fame, and some Beer in a bar. Next day brought us to the Universal Studios. Yucca Valley’s Joshua Tree Park was our next goal, and riding Route 66 to see Grand Canyon from the south rim. Coach Can surprised the gang with a Navaho Jeep tour trough the Monument Valley, and the probably best Rib eye steak on this planet. Our bike tour head up north to see Antelope Canyon in Arizona, and then up to Bryce Canyon and Zion Park in Utah. Down south into the heat of Las Vegas for 2 days, and then right into the Death Valley in California. After that into the cold of the Sierras and its Yosemite National Park. A two day bay area bike trip shows what California has to offer, and another 2 nights in San Francisco are a worthy completion for this fantastic bike trip.

Meanwhile our guests from Germany made it safe and chuffed back home. Check out some photos and videos of the tour: