A new racing season will start very soon


Very soon…

…the racers getting out of the ‘winter silence’ and come back into the light. The draft-carousel has slowing down, and hopefully everybody has a safe seat for the new racing season. The best seats in this little elitist world are long gone of course… quite rightly.

Tcha, and the off-season of the elite guys is pretty short. Their break is too short to become worried, but not for those guys who are on the way to the elite. They are still doomed and hoping to get ‚something‘ out of the Sponsor Odyssey, without getting hurt by the in the game involved rejections.

Don’t give up hope, cuz‘ very soon, your for a BBQ working like a dog mechanic will push you out of the dim

garage into the sunlight of the pit lane. Then, nothing else matters as just you, those fn… three miles per lap, and to squeeze these unlasting ‚One-Minute-Whatsoever‘ out of this hotter getting machine among your ass.

But even though for the elite teams it is uncommon to get a ‚external-big bran

d-sponsor‘. You ask yourself why and where the hell are all the big-business-sponsors actually?! Let’s have a look over to the automobile racing world, where a strong neck muscle is more worth as pure braveness… yes, there are all those big pocket sponsors.

So what? We have the action and the true motorsports… no, it’s because the majority of the world think we are just crazy underdogs, that’s why. But guess what… isn’t it cool to have that status?! Didn’t Valentino proof in the Formula One and Rally, that underdogs/motorcyclists can pick up their pace easily?!

So let us hope, if Vale really get tired of MotoGP, that he’s in the mood to race the Formula One. He will be the itchy louse in their well-heeled fur as a ‚underdog‘. And perhaps… he will put the record straight for all the other underdogs, and point some external sponsors in the right direction.

So keep on squeezing and live your dream, you underdogs ;-)

By Coach Can, Superbike-Coach Corp


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