Cornering School Day 3 – Featured pics


I can’t be more proud for all my CSD-3 graduates!

They were going through day 1 and 2 with me, and the pictures showing clearly their confidence level today. It makes me believe even more that the stuff I am teaching has the efficiency I am aiming for. Dean Lonskey’s pictures are telling the story. Enjopy

1500 pictures coming free of charge for our Day 3 graduates soon. Only with Superbike-Coach!

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  1. Aleks Haecky
    Aleks Haecky says:

    It was hot!
    This third class, all focused on braking, really increased my confidence. I realized that controlling your brakes is far more important to smooth riding than anything else. If you know you can shed speed fast, you can enter a corner faster, trail brake to a safe speed through the apex, get a better line, and thus exit faster.
    This translates directly to many comute situations.


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