Good to go for the Cornering School program?


We hear and see this all the time. Our Cornering School program puts many riders on the fence. Let me help getting off there.

From 2006 in Europe till today in the USA, Superbike-Coach has trained about 10,000 riders. I can ensure you that about 95% of those had a NEED for this. There are 5-star reviews in the thousands which are backing this up. As we see it, based on this experience, only those who can’t shift right yet- and those who are at least on a semi professional racing level… are out of this question.

No we’re looking at those 5% of riders. Roughly 2% of those, we couldn’t help because their ego was in the way and we probably are doing this “all wrong”. That makes only about 3% of riders where I could say… yes, they had their shit together. However, even they were surprised of the density of subjects. Things they never thought of, especially on the mental side. Not to mention the confidence boost to get a confirmation of accomplishment.

So… if you are not belonging in the red zones- then I can tell you straight up and with a 95% certainty, that the Cornering School program is the place to be. I tell you this, even without seeing you riding ever before.

So come, and have me melting your face with things you don’t know, never thought about, never seen, and sometimes even thinking that this is physically impossible to master. Just because you believe to know certain things, doesn’t mean you’re actually doing them right. That is our honest experience with all those riders!

Are you ready for Superbike-Coach cornering school

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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