Superbike-Coach Track Day at Thunderhill West Raceway on 6/2/2024

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Our track days are track newbie orientated and very popular. For only $165 you’ll get:
– A weekend track day
– 7×20 minute sessions for each group B, C and a dedicated ‘TRACK ROOKIE CLASS’
– All turns the west track has to offer
– Fully equipped track staff, towing vehicle, ambulance
– Control riders
– C group orientation
– A/C clubhouse
– Less bike preparation
– Lower gear requirements
– Free ‘Ideal Line West Seminar’ by Headcoach Can Akkaya
– Photography for $10 bux only!

Focus folks!
This track day on 6/2/2024 is not our Track Drill! There are NO additional coaching fees. This is our fun event, a real track day, and no other organizer/provider has anything to do with it.
This is a track day for non competitive, 3 groups 7×20 minutes, organized by Superbike-Coach!
All bikes, all levels are welcome. No bike prep and regular motorcycle riding gear is fair enough.

Full description and booking:

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