Another track day by Superbike-Coach has been done last Saturday.

I personally have mixed feelings- while my crew reports clearly positive experiences from our participants. Six minor crashes and one more serious, is not what makes me happy, but things like this happen and we are still way beyond average vs other organizer statistics. There were some incidences on the track violating our rules, but it has been sorted out. There is always someone who tries to make things look bad and swims against the river. All we can do is to help to solve problems.

First off… the serious crash after lunch break on turn one was David Cardinal, and besides a broken leg he is totally fine. I’m talking to him since then and he impressed me with his unbroken spirit: “When is your next track day Coach?!”

David’s right handle bar came loose while he was braking into turn 2. Scary, isn’t it?! Naturally a rider grabs even more when the lever goes away… uncontrolled and in panic. That caused the bike to flip him front over. We’ve seen the bike later and could confirm the loose center bolt which suppose to hold the bar in the clamp. You’re some tough kid David!

It always surprises me that some riders are still thinking that doing a track day fixes their riding problems, which is why I’ve made this article back in February “Does a Track Day make you to a better rider?!” Again- it does not. It actually add’s problems, especially when you are the first time on a race track ever. A track day is for the love of the fun. To expect wonders just for riding some laps with an instructor is more or less naive. Go to a solid cornering school. Do I know one?… yea, my Cornering School which I also run on a track… no parking lot non-sense. Next class is on coming Saturday. You think you are ‘to good for this”?!… then you might check on you ego first.

Thanks to my team! I can’t be more proud of all of you guys. Next SBC BBQ is coming up! Love you guys.

Superbike-Coach photographer Dean Lonskey could pick some featured pictures before he has thousands of rock solid pics uploaded to our server. As promised… all for nada… free…