How to Customize a Motorcycle: The Strategy


Most riders are too afraid to turn some wrenches on their bikes themselves, but since we know that there is a potential to adjust levers etc to a riders advantage (see previous articles), we could more or less easily semi-project our bikes and make them ‘ours’ on a bigger scale. I have such a fun doing this as soon as I have a new bike, that I am willing to share the process with you. You might get a taste of one or another upgrade, and try it on your own motorcycle. All the things I am doing are going under the motto… finding performance (power and grip) resources, reducing weight (general and rotating masses), and last but not least- the look of it. All of this as affordable as possible! It all begins with the actual motorcycle and its raw numbers, so here is our ‘example’:

Superbike-Coach motorcycle tips 2014 Ducati Panigale 1199R

This is a pretty darn good bike already, so we don’t want to mess around much with geometries and electronics. The picture shows a absolute stock 1199 which comes up with these facts:

  • 195 HP at 132 Nm of Torque
  • 525 chain, 15/41 sprockets, gear ratio 1.77
  • Weight of 165 Kg (363.8 pounds)
  • Power/weight ratio: 1.1818 HP/kg

Let’s see where these numbers- and the appearance of “Cleopatra” is going…

Summarize- A necessary strategy

To just sit down with pen and paper  and to make notes in which direction you want to move forward makes sense already, but to also set upgrade limits per month and in logic installation phases even more. This makes you staying in control of costs and fall-out time. Plain said… if you just go by feel, then you probably start working on something which takes too much time- or to have parts ordered which you can not use at a certain time on the project. What happen is that you can’t use the bike at all in between. So spend your money wisely and order parts logically. Start only working on it when the parts arrived, and skip on the frustrations.

Let’s do this

Each time I’ve done a upgrade phase, I will post about it here as soon as I can. So watch out here for new posts- or go on ‘Coach’s Motorcycle Bible‘ (scroll down to the story) where the story will be summarized. Watch out for the next step!

Headcoach Can Akkaya

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