The perfect sitting triangle


I thought this is something I should add, because it’s important as the upgrades itself, and this is to adjust it all right. You might think that the position of the damn clutch lever ain’t that important, but guess what… it add’s up. At my Superbike-Coach ‘Workshop & Track Time’ events I can help you with this- suspensions and whatnot pretty well, so you might want to check on my schedule here (…/ca…/motorcycle-preparation).

However, by playing with all kinds of adjustments, I truly found my ‘old’ sitting triangle which I use to have on every singe race bike. Needless to say that I felt ‘home’ on this Ducati from there. At that point I also remembered how important this part is, because since I deal with street bikes I kinda let go on that part.

OK, so this is hard to explain without pictures… but riders put their foot pegs way too high into the rear- and the Panigale is even worse with this. just sitting rolling straight, makes your torso hanging down like a wet potato sack. Adjustable rear sets going all the way to the front and up (aligned with seat (thickness) height D of course). So that was perfect, and the shifter lever at the same time of course. Now, race bikes giving you much more space to figure handle bar pos out. Not so a street bike, which also comes with pins in the controls. All of that needs to be removed in order to let your fingers quickly glide over the levers to grab the brake and to operate the throttle. I had to add steering restrictions to get ‘A’ to the measurements on my race bike records. Can I just give you numbers?… if you are between 5.10 and 6ft then maybe. I might could convert my numbers to percentages to make it more accessible for you.

What else… after installing some more carbon, I prepared ‘Cleopatra’ for the Superbike-Coach track day at Thunderhill tomorrow… uninstalling that fender eliminator I’ve made- unplugging a 10amp fuse to shut of front lights, and pulling the plug for the rear lights. I am considering to add simple switches to it later (if some elecrto geeks under you have some ideas?…). Now I can’t wait to see lots of students again- and welcome lots of new faces to the Superbike-Coach family tomorrow on my track!

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