How to Customize a Motorcycle: Part 1

Ducati Update 1

I got a custom paint job on the way (the boring Ferrari image red dress gotta go!). Till it comes in, I’ve made some mods to the bike which 1) look better (for my taste), and 2) saving weight. I absolutely HATED that high/black windshield and replaced it with a shield from a friend until mine is coming. The mirrors got replaced by cheap SSR block off plates.

The shock cover is carbon now, and the heavy gas cap got replaced by a $19 (!!!) CNC machined gas cap which I believe looks bad ass. I am happy now that I couldn’t sell my brand new Hyperpro RCS steering damper I had left from the R1 project… because the Ohlins damper was not working at all. Now I have 24 position getting satisfied with.

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