A testimonial from a Superbike-Coach student who took one of our street rider coaching programs.

After several hours on the road, both of these riders were worlds apart from the first 1 mile up the canyons. Afterward, both riders said they had never learned more in one day than they had from you. Both swear they will do this again!

We need knowledge, skill, and experience to master our bikes- and only then to reach out to the stars :-)

I was very nervous but he talked me through everything as we rode . He’s very calming and has a tremendous amount of experience

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Coach Can! #36 for life! I will be at both track days this year and CSD1-4 again

Coach is not perfect but he is one of the best and most caring in the business. Most won’t appreciate coach until you ride in his boots as an instructor, racer, and friend.