Coach saw I had my feathers ruffled. With grass hanging off my shoulder and mud packed into my side of my bike, he encouraged me to get back out there so I can get past it. He stressed, “You must go back out there and move past it. Otherwise, it will haunt you more over time.” (Paraphrasing) I’m glad he did.

As a first time time rider, I just finished the Day 1 of the cornering program and I must say that it was great! I came to this course straight out of the MSF class and I learned more here than I ever could from any other safety class. Can (Coach) is a professional that understands all level of riders. He helps each person with what they’re looking for but you have to manage your expectations and respect your time here. Coach doesn’t sugar coat anything. The best way to get the most out of any experience is to be humble, have the right attitude and be passionate about learning. As a completely new rider I learned so much and will definitely take this course again!

If you have taken the well-warranted time to check out a few of Coach Can’s prior reviews — along with his crystal clear statement right on his website — you will see he is a very intense dude. However, the intensity is not just for bravado or ego. In fact, the ones who find themselves “bothered” by Coach Can are the ones walking away with shattered egos.

You know… I can get my damn cigars (during pandemic lock downs). Good huh?!… but that makes me think those smoke shops are more essential than me, who’s actually trying to save lives!

After several hours on the road, both of these riders were worlds apart from the first 1 mile up the canyons. Afterward, both riders said they had never learned more in one day than they had from you. Both swear they will do this again!