Congrats to our Cornering School Graduates

Congrats to all students to graduate from Cornering School. They finished the program with day 3 last Sunday.

Those guys went from day 1 to day 3 and they’ve learned a ton. I am proud for each one of them and I hope to see them again. With their graduation, they also received a ton:

  • A Superbike-Coach Corp completion certificate to get a discount on their motorcycle insurances
  • 2 Superbike-Coach stickers
  • A permanent 50% off discount code when repeating cornering days
  • Discounts from our sponsors: Carrillo Law Center, Raver Synthetics Amsoil, Moto Gear, GoMotoTrip Motorcycle fairings, and Forma Boots USA
  • They are now qualified to do the Track Academy

That’s quite something huh?! Other than that, all of them made their signatures on the Superbike-Coach class banner, and I appreciate the memory a lot. They truly became members of the SBC family where we remember their names.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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  1. Dean Lonskey
    Dean Lonskey says:

    Dean here with Raven Synthetics. To ALL of the Day 3 students… CONGRATS! It was an awesome experience being a part of your journey and to see you all improve, becoming better & safer rides. I also hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures and videos I’ve been able to get you all. Intake these not just so you have memories of your time with Superbike-coach but also to use as a supplement to Coach Can’s training. Remember, you’re ALL part of the Superbike-coach family and hope you take advantage of that 50% discount. Never feel you’ve learned enough…keep learning. As you’ve maybe heard, I’ve been riding for 50 years and I’m still learning, even while I’m sitting there taking your pics so keep learning….after all ITS FUN!

    Take care and CONGRATS!
    Dean…SBC Photog & Founder of Raven Synthetics

  2. Ryan Vallieu
    Ryan Vallieu says:

    What ab great experience, Coach. I loved the way you structured the Days and lessons to build upon each other. The full path isn’t visible until after you’ve been through the 3 days.
    I will continue to recommend that my friends take the classes. I will try to motivate those that have started but not signed up for more days by offering to come back with them, especially easy since I now get a discount. ?

  3. Rich
    Rich says:

    Day 3 was a great day!! My riding has dramatically improved since the first two days, and I expect that day 3 will have even better results.

    Coach has a passion for making us better riders.

    You should really take this course. It has truly made me better, safer and allowed me to have more fun on the bike.

  4. Philip
    Philip says:

    Coach and his team always delivers a rewarding and lesson filled day out on the track. Even as my second time doing Day 3, I’m learning new insights while improving on past skills. Dean even helped capture videos of our uber stoppies !! Thanks Superbike-Coach Team for another great day to wrap up 2020 !


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