Great Superbike-Coach Season Opener


Last Sunday, 1/28/, we’ve opened the 2018 riding season with a terrific group of people.

I was a little rusty after the long winter break, but it didn’t hold my 28 students back to go into it with eager. The weather couldn’t be any better and our track was in a good shape.

I had a blast with them and yea, also enjoyed myself a lot being back on the track and rip my freshly rebuild Supermotard throughout this exciting and extremely technical track. Students have begun to spread their reviews over Google, Yelp and whatnot. Go read them! Photographer Dean could take over 1500 pictures and video, which are ready for a free download for the class. Till then he pulled some featured pictures of the outstanding class. Enjoy!

Thanks to my SBC team we could start the season where we paused in 2017… with lots of happy faces… and so am I :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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