Dear Students of the 5/3/ class.

I guess you’ve heard on the news that our Gov extended the lockdown. This is the 6th big class we’ve got to cancel and you have no idea how much this hurts the entire team. Not just financially- Superbike-Coach is our lives. We strive to help, but we can’t.

So, I will have to re-remind you that refunds are not possible anymore, as they would kill us anyway. But as we announced and managed it before- I need you to come back to me ASAP with your wish date (that’s all you need to do) and I’ll transfer you there manually. Pick from the link below.

Two things before you’re dismissed :-)

1) There will be automated class reminders again. Ignore them and read my emails instead.

2) I still do Road Skill 1on1. Funds are not transferable though, and I would recommend to do the cornering program anyway because this is the best thing you ever gonna do to yourselves (without making my Road Skill look bad :-)

OK, despite the pain on many ends… I still believe that the lockdown is for the good. So be a team-player and don’t listen to conspiracy crap. Please stay smart.

Looking forward to this class and to finally meet ya’ll.