Dear students of the 3/29/ day 1 class.

This is the second painful reschedule I’ve had to announce. Not just because I know there are more to come- also because I believe that we’re all OK actually.

Now that we’re facing a state lockdown and we gotta deal with it. Let’s get you guys rescheduled, but PLEASE understand that we can’t refund since the time window for this has been closed, so please don’t even ask for it as we keep rescheduling if necessary.

So, here are all day 1 dates we can swap you to. First come, first served (means we probably can’t move anyone to a wish-date ones it’s filled and so keep searching. Flexibility is key): (please pick soon!) Please be aware that also your new date can change again since I don’t have a crystal ball. Please keep the faith and patience with us, and we’ll get it all done.

MOST IMPORTANT is, that you respond to the email I’ve send (with or without date wish) NOW so that I know you are on my page.

We’re literally moving everyone down the calendar. Non of you will have a loss. I hope this is all making sense.

Your Coach