we just published the March 2014 Newsletter.  Subjects are:

  • Introducing our 2014 sponsors: K&N Racing Filters, Bel-Ray Oils, BikeMaster, ReplayXD, Brocks Performance, BST Carbon Wheels, Lacomoto, Zeta, Dynojet Research, Axo Gear, Shorai Batteries, Autocom, Davis Technologies, Race Tech Suspensions, and Dunlop USA
  • Wheelie Course May 18th already 50% booked
  • One discounted spot left for a 1on4 in Laguna Seca
  • The Cornering School Day on March 30th is considered street rider training
  • Free coaching comes with a Feel Like A Pro bike rental

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Let’s find it out…

In racing sports, the racing line is the route the vehicle must take in order to minimize the time taken to complete the course. When analyzing a single corner, the optimum line is one that minimizes the time spent in the corner and maximizes the overall speed (of the motorcycle) through the corner. If one used the path with the smallest radius, that would minimize the distance taken around that corner. However, by fitting a curve with the widest possible radius into the corner, the higher speed which can be maintained more than compensates for the extra distance traveled.

The apex or clipping point is often used in motorsport, though other racing sports such as skiing and bicycling have similar concepts of an ideal line. The apex is often but not always, the geometric center of the turn. Hitting the apex allows the vehicle to take the straightest line and maintain the highest speed through that specific corner. It is also the tightest part of a corner. Within the context of motorcycling, the apex is referred to the point where the motorcycle is closest to the inside

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I know that you might have noticed it already… the new page is finally done. We also changed the web hoster, so you may know what we’ve been through :-)
We also added ‘Coach’s Blog’ where I pick subjects all around bikes. Anyway, I invite you to explore that website and it features:

  • social network sharing
  • rating stars
  • leave comments
  • Coach’s Blog
  • 2014 event calendar (all coaching dates are on!)
  • Video backgrounds
  • and much more

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