Knee Down & Wheelie Course at Stockton

The knee down and Wheelie classes last Saturday and Sunday (May 17 and 18) was a blast.  We had students coming over from D.C., Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, and from all over California.  All of them hard workers and no quitters- which I really appreciated the most.

Knee Down

That this class is more than just to drag the knee should be logic.  Of course there is more to know and to work on to get the job done.  To do this on public roads would be against the law and common sense- as well as our believes- so the environment we at Superbike-Coach are using since 3 years now is just perfect.


The morning began as usual with a warm welcome and introduction. After a short briefing we went for a track walk, where we was talking about a big subject… the ideal line.  After this, the students were ready to roll out to learn the track. Pretty much ever Read more

This is our 3rd year were our Wheelie Course is sold out!!! Remarkable on this one… it was booked out already one month before the event.  Students from all over the USA and overseas are taking advantage of Superbike-Coach programs.

Superbike-Coach Wheelie Course

So this is for all riders whom waited too long… “We told ya!”.  Put you name on the waiting list- or save a spot for the  Wheelie Class on October 12th.

Superbike-Coach team

And this is the crew who’s gonna teach you to get it finally done (from the left: Mike, Ruslan, Coach Can)


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