Knee Down & Wheelie Course at Stockton

The knee down and Wheelie classes last Saturday and Sunday (May 17 and 18) was a blast.  We had students coming over from D.C., Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, and from all over California.  All of them hard workers and no quitters- which I really appreciated the most.

Knee Down

That this class is more than just to drag the knee should be logic.  Of course there is more to know and to work on to get the job done.  To do this on public roads would be against the law and common sense- as well as our believes- so the environment we at Superbike-Coach are using since 3 years now is just perfect.


The morning began as usual with a warm welcome and introduction. After a short briefing we went for a track walk, where we was talking about a big subject… the ideal line.  After this, the students were ready to roll out to learn the track. Pretty much everybody came back with a doubt on the face, which doesn’t bother me much at that point of a first session.

After the first run on the track we went back to the classroom where i taught riders all about the right body position on a motorcycle to to become able to drag the knee.  Everyone had the chance to sit on a parked bike to get pointers from me.

And by this way… I am a believer in “what feels comfortable for you- should be good for you”. That means that that the “perfect” body position is whatever you feel comfortable with.  Yes there is a technical perfect body position, which are shown from MotoGP professionals- but it ain’t good for riders who are just beginning with it.


Anyways, my concept worked out for some riders in the 2nd session already, and all students gave them a round applause for being a new knee dragger as they left the track with a smile from ear to ear.  I know how it feels like :-)

In two more sessions after lunch brake, one after another student had the knee down with the precision that I was also happy with, because that way I know they’re doing it safely and smart.  An 80% succeed rate says it all.


All of my students were great listeners with a eager to learn. They brought the balls to the grid :)

Click for free download of pictures (Knee Down class. Videos coming up!)

Wheelie Course

This class, or better the goal, is even more challenging as the knee down class, so that the Sunday morning began with my ‘reality checks’.  After introducing my assistant coaches Mike ‘The Doctor’ and Ruslan ‘The Terminator’, we went out on the track to show the students some proper wheelies.  My guys rock, so the students came back deeply impressed and ready to listen well.

Superbike-Coach team

I developed a new procedure which allows each student way more riding time.  That worked out almost perfectly, but it showed some issues we have to work on.  Just some details in the operation which will be fixed so that the experience with Superbike-Coach wheelie courses gets even better.

New to this program… a brand new school bike.  We call this little bastard “Mini-Me”, since it actually looks like the small version of our Wheelie bike which everyone loves so much.  Coach Rus was working passionate with each student, and they loved or hated the Minime bike.  That ain’t bother, because it did the job on everyone.


In four sessions, 85% of the students were able to pop it up, control the front wheel in the air, and to make it safe back home. We had one crash though. But the student was OK and stayed the rest of the day to hang out with us and to keep on learning.  Ben showed me his heart of a Tiger as he was sad not to be able to keep on going in regard his broken bike.  Also remarkable the attitude of the rest of my students, which seemed not to be bothered about the crash at all.

Likewise the knee down class the day before, I use to over-time and let everyone keep on going even time of the classes are up.  That’s where I am really impressed with hard working students- like 67 years old Henry who was keep on going till actually I slowed him down.  He was looking in my eyes and said “…one more Coach!”.


He was listening with an eager that he’ll be my example for briefings in the future.  Henry went back home to Oregon on the bike he brought to learn how to wheelie… only at Superbike-Coach Corp!

Headcoach Can, Sacramento, June 5th


Click for free download of pictures (Wheelie Course. Videos coming up!)

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  1. Marion
    Marion says:

    Thanks to all students of the knee down class and wheelie course in May for the great time we had. I hope you had lots of fun and enjoyed the time with Superbike coach.


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