I’m proud I can offer a new efficient and affordable class for track riders and racers—and of course for all those who want to get there…. the ‘Track Academy‘.

This class is fast-paced and for experienced riders, but you don’t need pre-experience with Superbike-Coach. I’ll teach you how to get past mental blocks and grow your skills with subjects and drills others don’t even know.

Suitable for

  •  Track day riders of all levels
  •  Racers of all levels
  •  Track orientated students who went through CSD-1 to 3
  •  Race, track and Sportbikes
  • If you’re ready to drop your lap times

Why on a small track?

You may say, “I won’t learn much on a small track. How will that help me win on the real tracks?”, but here is how: A smaller track means you get to repeat the maneuvers over and over until you have them perfected. The high repeating frequency allows you to focus on what’s really important―you, your fears, your imagined limitations. Think of doing this on the 13-mile Nurburgring Nordschleife

you’ll get in a couple of laps before your time is up. In addition, the slower speeds are not just a confidence booster, they also mean less hurt and damage if you push those limits and make mistakes. Finally, Coach Can Akkaya can see and stop you whenever it’s necessary, give you feedback, drills, tips, and demos that you can immediately apply while he watches. And, last but not least, the cost of being on a small track is significantly reduced. Think logic before saying no.

Sign up promptly, because this class will only be taught once per year.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp