We are facing a state wide lockdown and all track venues are closed due to the virus. We appologieze for any inconvinience this may have for each one of you. I contact you to let you know that you don’t have to be worried for your spot- nor the money you’ve spent. Here is how we do this:

Background- like any other track renter, we won’t get replacement dates to easily create a ‘new’ date for a canceled class.

Solution- since we have plenty of existing dates scheduled- we’ll be pushing each class/spot down the calendar until they are completed, even if that would go into the next year.

Depending on current situations- we will inform an affected class roster and offer reschedulable dates. So we need you to respond ASAP to our emails in case it comes down to your class.

OF COURSE- There will be NO extra/new/additional charges. All it takes from you is patience with us and to provide your wish-date so we can move you to it manually (first come- first served as they fill up).

If you can’t commit- you will always have that credit with us to spend when time is right. Also here- you need to tell us.

Personally- we’ve already done this with two March classes and it worked just fine. We’re all in this together. I hope you see the damage it already did to us, but refunds would even kill us. So please help us to keep doing what we’re doing… hell of unique programs which really work.

Stay healthy and make sure that ya’ll have enough toilet paper :-) :-)

Your Coach

Superbike-Coach Corp