First Rider Passenger Class Was A Blast

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Our first ‘Rider Passenger Class’ last Sunday was a blast.

Riders and their passengers are united now. To share a passion and a hobby… what can be better than that?! The class went as planned. Only the time schedule of the agenda needs to be fine tuned. Our focus were the passengers, because that’s where the most struggle is. They’ve learned what their riders suppose to do, so that it literally doubles the amount of eyes for more awareness in traffic. Emergency braking was a major subject, so that both, rider and passenger, know what kind of G-forces are even possible and to muscle-memorize.

The most fun part for me was, to give the couples a hall pass for telling each other ‘the truth’. Most opened up, which helps to make their ride outs more enjoyable in the end, by not being afraid to lose their relationships :-)

I had a absolute great time with each one of them, so the entire SBC team. Love you guys!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

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