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Our first ‘Rider Passenger Class’ last Sunday was a blast.

Riders and their passengers are united now. To share a passion and a hobby… what can be better than that?! The class went as planned. Only the time schedule of the agenda needs to be fine tuned. Our focus were the passengers, because that’s where the most struggle is. They’ve learned what their riders suppose to do, so that it literally doubles the amount of eyes for more awareness in traffic. Emergency braking was a major subject, so that both, rider and passenger, know what kind of G-forces are even possible and to muscle-memorize.

The most fun part for me was, to give the couples a hall pass for telling each other ‘the truth’. Most opened up, which helps to make their ride outs more enjoyable in the end, by not being afraid to lose their relationships :-)

I had a absolute great time with each one of them, so the entire SBC team. Love you guys!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Straight up riders… you actually hate riding with a passenger. Don’t lie- cuz’ I know you do. I’ve been there myself.

The head banging is just one thing. Being off balance all the time, especially in the city. Slow speed maneuvers or corners is more like the try to juggle with four balls. The wight is just killing all the fun, and you actually can’t really focus. Just thinking of hard braking and ‘escaping maneuvers’, and you know what kind of ballast adds up to your wrists.

Straight up passengers… you actually don’t trust your rider fully. Luckily I’ve never been there, but I can tell you that I feel ya.

You actually can’t really relax because you constantly thinking of crashing. You been rocked back and forth until your rider found the right entry speed. You feel like disconnected to what your rider does on those turns, especially on transitions. Yea it’s fun, but it’s more at the breaks and stops… not soooo much with the actual ride.

Let’s get you both fixed up and synchronized, cuz’ Superbike-Coach has its ‘Rider Passenger Class‘ coming up on 9/27/2020. No tip-towing parking lot class… this is going to be on our track, the Little 99 Raceway. This has nothing to do with speed, but learning hands-on, real-live and fun.

  • No bike prep required
  • Street riding gear fair enough
  • Riding on a track with passenger
  • All bike categories welcome
  • All rider levels welcome
  • Professional coaching
  • $169 class fee per bike
  • Includes: track fee, passenger, snacks, water, free photography

This is going to be highly beneficial for both, and I can’t wait to get this started on our track. This is the place where I can do demo rides and drills, and where I can see and ride with you. No distractions- no deer’s- no Prius’s. Only you, your passenger and the things I tell you to unite you guys, and to make this even more enjoyable and safer.

Another extremely unique class by Superbike-Coach, so don’t miss out that opportunity.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp