Happy Holidays Folks!

2016 was kinda wired and it took a lot away from all of us. Just to name Prince, David Bowie, and just now John Glenn. Terror and hate crime hasn’t been higher- Car drivers got even more nuts I believe- and a election which can’t be more controversy. So I’m not too crazy about 2016, even it also had some positives… like that the economy picked up- The Chicago Cubs won the World series- Gas got a little cheaper- and the Broncos won the Superbowl. “Is that it?!”… no, because at that point i am happy to share a wonderful hobby with you- which kinda sets us apart from all the negatives, doesn’t it? Leaving 2016 also makes me being thankful to have met hundreds and hundreds of riders- to have received their trust and respect- For a family I can’t be more proud of- and for becoming official rider coach of the US-Air Force. I want to thank my team- Marion, Dean, Gary, Kevin, and Vincent- for their loyalty and their ‘maximum effort’ attitude, to help making Superbike-Coach to what it is today. I look so much forward working with them again to organize track days, and classes which nobody else could do the way Superbike-Coach does. Hope you like the info and news below and that I will see you soon.
Merry Christmas & a Happy new Year!

Headcoach Can Akkaya

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