Day 3 class on 4/5/ cancelled due to virus lockdown

Dear students of the 4/5/ day 3 class.
This is another, extremely painful reschedule to announce. I mean… you are all my kids, about to graduate from Cornering School. This has been always a special class for us. This truly hurts in many ways.
So, the track is still under lockdown and we have to move you guys as promised. So, here are all day 3 dates we can swap you to. First come, first served (means we probably can’t move anyone to a wish-date and keep searching. Flexibility is key):
(As you see there are only 2 day3 dates so please pick soon! We MIGHT can add a day3, but that’s mostly up to the people who keep spreading the virus.)
MOST IMPORTANT is, that you respond to this email with your date wish.
On a personal note…
I have a hard time to say that we’ll all get through this as I’m fighting with all the non-sense which comes along with it. But ones we are… I am your coach. Be safe out there.
Love you guys!
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