Workshop & Track Time going to be rescheduled

Hello Everyone,

I was looking much forward to the Superbike-Coach ‘Workshop & Track Time’ event on 2/19/2017, but I just decided to reschedule (NOT CANCELLED!) due to the weather forecast and floods.

I hope you are on my page and that you see that I do this for YOU guys. I don’t know any other organizer can- or would do this… but Superbike-Coach does! We all need to be team-players at this point. Since I know that some of you have long travels to come see us- or are even victims of the Oroville evacuation… I am convinced to do the right thing here.

So let’s reschedule this event and all your bookings to a other date, which I am announcing ASAP.

Best regards,

Can Akkaya

Superbike-Coach Corp.

proud rider trainer of the US-Air Force

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