Cornering School Day 1 on coming Sunday

I am looking so much forward to the Cornering School Day 1 on coming Sunday. Not just because I haven’t got my Supermotard out in a while- also because the weather forecast announces friendly 70f.

The class was sold out, but one spot became available again. This is the way to get in quick:




What our Sponsors do for you: Axo USA

I’d love to announce that our relationship with Axo USA goes into its 3rd year, which I believe should be a good review already… because what’s good for our coaches- is good for you!

DSCF8320Axo’s quality/price ratio is extremely healthy and the look and feel of their suits are very good- but what I like the most with this relationship is, that Axo is donating 40% off discounts for our students !!!!

Let me put it in a nut shell to make clear what this can mean for you:

  • An Indy leather suits goes for $1000
  • And let’s say you also want some cool K4-R gloves which are $140
  • You of course need some extra protection for your back, $88

All of that goes to you for only $737, which is in savings: $491, just by being a Superbike-Coach student. Money which you could use for a better rider education, so that you hopefully never going to ruin that sweet suit.

So no matter what you are looking for… women suits, 1-piece or 2-piece suits, dirt bike gear or whatsoever in accessories… don’t forget that I’ll have that 40% off discount for ya on your total purchase! Don’t ya think that this is cheap stuff- that discount is only available as our student.









Happy 2015 :-)

First off… I’m hoping you guys had a great Christmas with your families- Happy new year btw :-)

It’s been one year ago when I announced Superbike-Coach’s new website. Hey… it happened again:
I personally love the design. It is fresh- modern- and represents Superbike-Coach pretty good. Just hoping that you like it, because that’s why we’re doing this. So let me tell you a little bit what’s under the hood of this baby:

  • Superbike-Coach ideal line definition100% smart phone ready (responsive)
  • More quality on images
  • Improved booking system
  • Login area for booking status
  • Better schedule overviews with info system
  • Less linked-links for easier usage
  • Program pages reorganized for easier usage
  • Improved social media connectivity
  • Oh… and better looks :-)

Besides this big update on the website itself, we also come up with some interesting new stuff at the same time:

  • Supermotard 1on1- which I know you would love. You don’t have a adequate Supermoto… easy- just rent one from Superbike-Coach, and have some fun with me on Supermoto tracks, where I am using HD video and GPS data to coach you. This is good for street- track- and racers.
  • 2015 schedule- packed with Cornering School Days, Track Drills, Laguna Seca Specials, Seminars and Tours.
  • New blog sections- ‘Glossary of our Sport’, and ‘Coach’s Motorcycle Bible’- where I come up with tips & tricks around your ride… hopefully with every newsletter.

I really hope you guys enjoy the new website, which motivates to explore. I love this piece and what it stands for. Hope to see you in a class one day.

Coach Can

Superbike-Coach Corp

The Perfect Body Positioning Hype

It actually amuses me to see the huge amount of attention other schools, books, forums, and videos spending on the subject called ‘the perfect body positioning’ for street riders. Glancing over to what MotoGP riders like Marc Marquez performs on TV- must be good for the Redwood Rd in the SF East Bay.

If it doesn’t look like Marquez… It’ll be damned as ‘crossed-up’ and some rookie rider who was proud showing his first hanging off pic’s will be scoffed by

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Cornering School Day 1 & 2 are burning hot!

I am so happy with the way i developed our ‘Cornering School Day 1 & 2’, because they are burning hot! We still have ideas popping up even improving stuff, and now since we are doing 2 days of cornering school, and our students already asking for it- we are thinking about adding a 3rd day. I’ll come up with very cool stuff, but i need to settle my thoughts on this first.

This is the 1st review of a student who participated in CSD-2 in October 26th 2014:

Coach Can tries hard to get us riders to honestly think about and evaluate our riding habits so we can more efficiently incorporate his guidance with the goal of improving our skills- Ross Shafer, Cornering School - Day 2

IMG_4206What a great class this was! No matter what you come up with… Sportbike, race bike, dual sport, touring bike… or even a Gold Wing or Harley Davidson… we have a place for everyone who want to learn cornering from A-Z from FIRST HAND. No games, but straight out and honest coaching in a fantastic place where learning meets fun!

Pictures and videos of the event are on the way… FREE of charge!

ONLY at Superbike-Coach’s Cornering School Day 1 & 2

I thank to God to be able- and love what i do.

Coach Can