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Cornering School Day’s Clarified!

The ‘Cornering School Day’ program has been in the Superbike-Coach portfolio for almost 10 years now and it’s super popular- though, it seems that there are still some misunderstandings about what this program is actually. So this newsletter will clarify what my class is- what it delivers- and why this thing has been so popular, so that you need to ask yourself ‘What am I waiting for, and why should I look out for something else?!’.

This article will clarify all misunderstandings and aspects of this unique program, and will point you to the section of the newsletter where it’s going to be clarified. So go and switch back/forth to the newsletter blocks and come back here to read on the next point. Now let’s have a look at the “top ranked” misunderstanding first…

little 99 map

Superbike-Coach track: 13 challenging turns

About The Track

Some people saying without knowing that: “This track is too small- the track is too tight- the track is nothing for street riders- the track is nothing for track riders”. The ‘funny’ part of this is… most of them haven’t been there- ever! Those riders who was there know now, that there is no difference of the physics of riding you need to understand and to deliver. My track has everything what most street riders have to face every day… tight turns- switchbacks- left and rights- which is what most riders are having truly problems with… see the conflict?! I give all the keys to really take advantage of this track and to be in such control you probably never find somewhere else. Other than that I am able to stop you whenever I want and to point things out for you. Can I do that on a ‘big track’?… no I can’t. Also the short repeating frequency helps you to fix things. There are more advantages, but I don’t want to bore you, so keep going…

Superbike-Coach classes are entertaining

Superbike-Coach classes are entertaining

About The Coaching and Subjects

My coaching style is way different as you might know form other teachers. I’ve learned my stuff the tough way, all on my own. At this point I should mention that I was holding lap records, achieved Pole Positions, and won some races on International Pro level… oh, and I almost made it to the ‘Top Gun’… to MotoGP. I learned in 40 years of riding and being 11 years in professional European racing- that absolute honesty about a performance is key to get things done quickly and to stay healthy. My passion to show you how it’s done grows with your eager to learn. Yes I hate quitters- and I’m telling ya because I can see. I have a very specific way to make you listen for better understanding, and to make you doing things you’ve never done before with a “Yes Sir!”. So all I am teaching comes from 1st hand… no copied stuff like other schools use to do. You think I show off with my background… heck why not, because some other totally overrated “coaches” coming up with 2 years of racing experience… in other words… no more than on regional amateur levels, so no wonder they don’t teach Trail Braking and counter steering properly- but I do!

superbike-coach free sport photography

superbike-coach free sport photography

The Amenities

There is nothing you could compare to our Cornering School Day events. We’re state of the art- even if we don’t come up with a high gloss painted 30 ton truck, and 30 traction-controlled liter bikes for an expensive rental fee. Does that make sense anyway… no, because you need to learn on your own bike, so that you are in your comfort zone quick- and your focus is not locked into a bike you’ve never used before, and you’ll never gonna use again! Oh, and we are taking care of our people. Whatever it is… coffee, water, snacks, pizza order… we’ve got you covered. But you know what really cool… that you don’t need to make such a huge deal of it to bring your own bike to a track. So no track specific bike preparation, and no track orientated gear necessary. Superbike-Coach photographer Dean Lonskey makes about 1500 pictures of our students on the track… FOR FREE. How do you use to call a total package for under 150 bux again?… a no-brainer!?

Coach Can instructing his student

Coach Can instructing his student

The Idea

The concept of the CSD program is designed to make better riders. CSD-1, 2 and 3 are well spread all over the year so that it fits into everyone’s schedule. You pick when to keep going. The program is too big to fill in one day, and it will overwhelm students easily. The advantage is clear. Each day build onto the other, and there is plenty of time in-between to settle freshly learned skills. Once you’re coming back- you and your coach will notice your development and what to go over again. This is a key for a better coach/student connection as well. The website makes date picking easy:

GoldWing exclusive course

GoldWing exclusive course

CSD Exclusive

We also can setup an entire CSD event exclusively for your motorcycle club, company or dealership. We’ve done this for many already, even for Google riders for example. Right now we have CSD Specials scheduled like- Cornering Gals, and Cornering GoldWings. So if you have a group of at least 25 riders… contact us and see what we can do for you guys.

Hundreds Of Testimonials

Still not sure if this is the right thing for you? Well- why not checking hundreds of 5 star reviews all over the internet and read yourself what others have experienced and why all of our 2015 classes were booked out! This must have a reason, don’t ya think?! :)

Click To View Testimonials

Yes I can’t reach everyone… nobody else can either! Nothing is perfect… how can it?! So give it at least a shot and join in to see if I can reach you- cuz’ if so- good things are going to happen.

Can Akkaya, Headcoach of the Superbike-Coach Corp

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  1. Dean Lonskey
    Dean Lonskey says:

    It’s amazing what people think when they don’t even try??? I’ve been riding for 40 years, dirt and street, but never raced professionally just ameture mx. So believe me, a track like this has PLENTY to offer EVERY skill level…ESPECIALLY the inexperienced. I see it every class and even though I’m out there taking all those pics, I’m learning. And, these FREE oics? Think of them as another extension of your learning experience…you can see whst you’re doing right or wrong. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK class and let’s have some fun…!!!


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