I wished I could put in words how it feels like to master a wheelie or to drag the knee. While a wheelie feels like flying- a dragging knee get’s you in contact with ‘the enemy’. Short and simple pure AWESOMENESS :-)

Now what kind of riders are attending these Superbike-Coach classes?!… the ‘you and me’ rider to be straight up. Riders who want to get into it in the most save possible way and legal. Riders who are most reliable actually, from lawyers to nurses, office workers and whatnot. We welcome riders from all over the planet to these classes because they know we deliver in this order:

  1. Safety
  2. Fun
  3. Success

So two weeks ago, we initialed another knee down class and a wheelie course next day. We combine these so that riders can extend their experience and learning with us and to give their long travels more value. Our rentals are ready for the task.

Twenty riders made it out for the knee class. Most of them are trying for years to finally get it done. Videos, other schools and lots and lots of track days. 169 bux and 7 hours is what it takes for me to make 15 of them dragging now. Our highest rating was 18 of a 21 ones. That’s a rating you need to think about for a second, and then you might know why all classes Superbike-Coach has to offer are booking up since the last 7 years!!! Remarkable at this point is, that those riders who are successful were mostly students in our cornering school program. Our knee students run through 3 stations- the big oval to use their bikes and rentals. The break area to rest (needed!), and our mini bike on a small oval. Every time our mini bike gets a hell of a beat, and guess what… no questions asked. I mean… try to find this somewhere else where you are allowed to damage! When you feel all this and add the darn good reviews we’re getting- then do you even wonder why the next Knee Down class on 10/26/2019 is booked up more than 3 months upfront?!

However, it would be naive to think that everyone must/should be successful. That wouldn’t be fair to expect from us and the students. this goes mainly towards the wheelie class because the success ratio there is about 60%. Most of the riders who couldn’t get it done are coming back, which says a lot about this program too doesn’t it?! So our wheelie students are running through a 4 stations circle- the long straight to use their bikes or rentals. The break area to rest (very much needed), our mini bike for coordination, and our own wheelie machine which makes you fee balance point and throttle control.

This machine allows us to instruct right next to you, which is why I’ve build it in the first place. Another aspect for me was, that those wheelie machines to buy are not realistic enough. They are not up to my measures and don’t deliver the feel nor options to learn the actual control of air-time. The plan and build time took about 6 month. Testing and developing another month, and now this piece of SBC equipment is permanently part since the last 3 classes. Established stuff, and you can use it! No question… also the next Wheelie Course on 10/27/2019 is going to book up.

You ask yourself if you should do it- and I go- WHY NOT?! :-)

SBC photographer’s (Dean Lonskey) pic gallery of the entire class.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

This was a extraordinary class last Sunday. The success rate is also pretty high, though we had 2 crashes. Luckily they are doing OK as I’ll stay in touch with them.

I felt everyone’s eager, but it was expected that not everyone is going to make it, so I hope that they could get value out of it anyway. I am proud of each one and so is the rest of the Superbike-Coach team.

My photographer, Dean Lonskey sends greets and THANKS for leaving him a tip. He loaded some featured pics of the class up which cuts your waiting time until 1200 free pics are finally uploaded by the end of the week.

Here are some shots:

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

I’m still super tired and sore after such a weekend of coaching. My voice is coming back slowly
After the 86% success rate of the knee down class last Saturday, we’ve done the wheelie course on last Sunday and it WAS A BLAST.

People from all over the country and foreign countries came see Superbike-Coach for that one. I am so proud for them and my team to pull this off. Lots of energy, euphoric and spirit to feel though out the event. Our mini-wheelie bike is a big fun factor- even it’s been a huge challenge. Once more it broke down, but my tech Brian Hunnicutt and even photographer Dean Lonskey helped to put it back to action ASAP. Great effort.

New team member Jeremy French had a tough first 30 minutes. No wonder, cuz’ I dropped that boy in the cold water. From there, he operated our new wheelie machine like no other and put a happy face on all of those 30 students.  Marion Akkaya and Ben Mccrae who are in charge of a damn complicated time/group schedule and preparing for me 1on1 wheelie bike students put love and heart into it. Amazing job guys!

A 65% success rate doesn’t sound too much, but despite the fact that this wheelie course is a hell of a ride… everyone gets something out of it for sure. I think Dean Lonskey’s featured pictures are displaying this pretty good.
I didn’t had too much time to relax, because I taught a brand new rider yesterday (Basic Rider 1on1) and I’ll have a Road Skill 1on1 to do tomorrow.

I can’t be more happy with the SBC team and I already look forward to our track day at Thunderhill Raceway on 6/10/.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Yep… it is coming up again… quicker as you may think. So if you don’t want to miss it again, then I suggest to grab one of the last available spots:

This is Pete btw, who attended the Wheelie class back in May! Pete, a wheelie course graduate

No trick- no pitch… these classes will book out in the next 3 weeks… guaranteed!


Also last Sunday’s Wheelie Course was booked out, and the 30 students couldn’t wait to begin. The Superbike-Coach team grew with its relatively complicated time schedule, and so we are happy that Gary Lonskey was in charge to coordinate three groups from one task to another.

“Unfortunately” we had to start half an hour later due to a CBS TV team for a ‘Good Morning Sacramento‘ live coverage. But our students took it easy because we just added the lost time.

About 65% is the succeed rate and I am still very impressed by some- and proud of all to make it out to pick the challenge. Our assistant coaches Rus and Vincent did a fantastic job as well as my wife Marion to coordinate my 1on1 students. Also Dean Lonskey, the Superbike-Coach photographer worked his butt off. Amazing team effort!

FREE OF CHARGE and ready to download for our students are Dean’s pics on our SBC Gallery. Below some featured shots:

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Topic Of The Month

Recap Last Knee & Wheelie Classes

Headcoach Can Akkaya:  Let’s recap our last Wheelie and Knee Down classes in Oct 11 & 12:

Luckily it was not that hot in Stockton as it use to be… but what was going on on our track… that was hot. Seeing my students all weekend to aim for a real goal and having me and my team working real hard to make most of them reaching these goals- that makes my classes always to an eye opening experience. I start this story out with a testimonial from Dean Lonskey:

Superbike-Coach Wheelie Course, Oct 2014 (178)           “I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 40 years (desert, motocross, street), 26 years recently on street, and I’ve always been a little nervous about doing wheelies but would still try. Taking the wheelie course helped with that and Superbike-Coach is a really good school to take. The instructors are very honest, upfront, and experienced (just one look at them in action was enough to convince me!). The 1on1 part of the class, with ear buds in your helmet listening to Headcoach Can giving instructions, is a MUST for EVERYONE! Coach Can Akkaya never pulls any punches and tells you “like it is…good and bad”. You can do something WRONG and he’ll let you know right then and there. However, just as quick as he gets on you for a mistake, he’s right there cheering you on and congratulating you when you do something correct. Anyone who takes this class will come away with something new learned or something remembered that was forgotten“.

Read more

Knee Down & Wheelie Course at Stockton

The knee down and Wheelie classes last Saturday and Sunday (May 17 and 18) was a blast.  We had students coming over from D.C., Ohio, Oregon, Nevada, and from all over California.  All of them hard workers and no quitters- which I really appreciated the most.

Knee Down

That this class is more than just to drag the knee should be logic.  Of course there is more to know and to work on to get the job done.  To do this on public roads would be against the law and common sense- as well as our believes- so the environment we at Superbike-Coach are using since 3 years now is just perfect.


The morning began as usual with a warm welcome and introduction. After a short briefing we went for a track walk, where we was talking about a big subject… the ideal line.  After this, the students were ready to roll out to learn the track. Pretty much ever Read more

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