How to check chain alignment: Part 5

Ducati Update 5

That was quite a biggy. In order to reduce rotating masses, I wanted to convert from a 525 to a 520 chain. The way lighter (50% less) sprocket carrier was standing 5mm off center so that I had to add a spacer, and to shape off those 5 on the outside plate, to give the new aluminum axle nut enough ‘meat’ on the axle shaft. The BikeMaster O-ring chain was running smooth as hell after those mods. Now… motorcycle manufacturers now how to make a sales pitch… one of them is the stupid number on the high gloss brochures, and this is ‘top speed’. Who the hell needs 202 mls per hour?! So I use to gear all my bikes for acceleration, cuz’ that’s what you do all the time- especially on the track. I use to go 1 tooth smaller on front- and 1 bigger on the rear… which is massive (fits to most tracks longest straights and is plenty on roads)! But since this Ducati has the torque to roll the Earth quicker in its axle, I decided to only drop a tooth on the front, which also keeps the weight low. BikeMaster has all kinds of sprocket constellations for your bike too! I also replaced the damn cheap looking circus wagon bolt and washer with a Titanium bolt which also allows a safety wire. That funny looking Ducati sprocket cover found a new home too… the trash bin.
Headcoach Can Akkaya
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