How to install a lithium motorcycle battery: Part 6


I did some cosmetics… put fancy rim stickers on. Yea really… in gold

Shut up and just take it, cuz’ I love them. Wait until you see the entire thang
I got a brand new Lithium battery from BikeMaster, and I couldn’t wait to show you what difference it makes. That little power pack takes over the place of a chemical loaded heavy weight battery. I’ve put it on a scale, and it doesn’t even makes half the weight. Only 775g (deal with the metrics!), vs 2400g (another 48 are going to that tender cable I took out)!!! So about 3.5 ponds less to swing around all day. That is huge and it cranks right on! BikeMaster has them for almost all bikes:

Furthermore I installed a new carbon front fender which sits so snug on it that I am worried about those tire warmers which i want to use at my track day on 8/5/ at Thunderhill. I mean… look how tight it is to the rotor.

Headcoach Can Akkaya

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