Lest Sundays ‘Suspension Workshop & Track Time’ was extraordinary.

Continental tire for demonstration

Ones more we could help riders not just to understand how and why to set up motorcycle suspension to their needs and riding purpose. This goes way deeper as it may appears in the first place. It begins with insights into tires and their effect on grip and geometry. A Continental RaceAttack slick helped to make things clear. Big surprises on air pressures and influences in tire performance, but when they went on our Little 99 Raceway the surprise turned over to smiles.

We moved on with the why’s and the how’s of setting up levers and controls. This isn’t just going into more riding comfort- we also can make detailed suggestions towards their existing equipment, or more appropriate stuff. All our tools were ready to use, so that they were able to make adjustments. The Superbike-Coach team Marion, Mark and Dean were always there for them to help out.

BikeMaster rider-sag tool

That was clearly needed when we went on adjusting suspension pre-load settings. That after they got to know what to look for with a general suspension setup. At that point the support of BikeMaster really helped, because they support us with their outstanding tools . Just like the rider-sag measurement tool.

The next subject was damping, so in compression and rebound. That is not easy sometimes, because some bikes don’t have any of these options. This is where we can make strong suggestions in this regard. Oil viscosity, spring rates, shim stacks, and so on and so on.

Not to forget to mention, that all students go on the track to feel the differences after each subject. So they’ve done that many times already before we initial the last subject- troubleshoot. They’ve learned what and where to be most focused with, so that they can bring back a objective insights of the behavior of their bikes.

Besides all this, we can identify issues their bikes may have. It’s very normal for us to get to see stuck throttle cables, brake levers touching housings, or loose bolts. We are not just clicking +/- 4 steps around and let them go like others do. This here is something you should have on your plan, because I decided to take this program also to 2020.

How racers explain bike behaviors

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Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

I can’t put in words how happy I am to be back on Continental street and race tires, because these guys know their stuff. I mean… those Conti race tires are even hand-made actually, and every tire undergoes a solid inspection as it should be.

Back in Europe, long time after I’ve retired from pro-racing, when I started coaching- I was sponsored by Continental Germany. Now you might say ‘yea, he’s gotta say they are good’, but you’re making a mistake if this is holding you back from trying a set ones. Besides a extremely high grip level, these tires are consistent, predictable and giving plenty of feedback of an upcoming limit. That’s what I’ve liked the most. Costly? No, and the endurance of those tires is surprisingly high for a grip level like that.

Today I have plenty of choices, not just in regard compounds. Superbike, Supermoto, Dirt bike, Adventure bike… all covered with plenty of tire types within. Their portfolio covers everything which has a need for tires.

The state of the Art production line in Germany goes other- better ways then others. Their concept to manufacture 2-compound tires (MultiGrip) is way smoother and comes with less failure risks. The TractionSkin, a revolutionary new micro-rough tread surface, virtually puts an end to tire break-in.

German Ex-MotoGP rider Alex Hoffmann went to test Continental tires at Brno Circuit, CZ and he went pretty hard on them. Below his video, and I’ll come with one pretty soon as well.

Continental tires are solid, reliable and affordable. Give it a shot. You won’t regret it. Order your set:

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Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp