Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the lockdowns we’ve lost 8 classes so far, and we can’t do what we’ve been doing for more than 15 years… saving countless lives of motorcycle riders.
It is not just the 8 classes we’ve lost- because all these dates were booked, we’re moving people down the calendar so the they don’t lose anything. That means that those dates are pretty much filled up so they are also lost for the newcomers.

So we stuck, no matter what. No PPP or SBA support has been giving to us. Others got millions- we got nothing, so we’re reaching out to our fans and friends for help. Your support would go into funds we can use to pay our staff for the rest of 2020.

This is the link:

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

I wished I’d have a solution for all of us. Especially I feel for those families who went- or are about to go through the worse with this Corona virus. So I hope YOU- our students and fans, that everything is fine with you so far.

Personally, I am tired of hearing it… wash your hands and keep 6ft distance. It seems though that some are not getting it and calling up for group ride outs and meet ups on social media. That attitude is to find also with churches etc. I mean… a line around shopping centers for toilet paper is a great way to keep spreading. So my conclusion is that they more likely to risk to catch the virus standing in line- than inability to wipe ass… Is that about right?! Simple risk math: How many toilet sessions does it take before heading out to ICU?!

I am worried that stupidity keeps the virus coming in waves as we’re waiting for the vaccine, which is the only way to get to the lives we’ve all had before COVID-19. Stupidity will extend the pain and loss, but that’s not all. This ignorance is extremely disrespectful to all those who try to do the right thing, and to all businesses who HAVE to shot down. Don’t be one of them.

So, I already covered how we deal with classes affected by track lock downs. Now I want to take advantage of the ‘extra time’ I’m having and to make videos to keep helping my fellow riders. I’ll also keep writing articles, just like the new one I’ve posted. I want to encourage you to make use of your extra time and to work on your bikes and gear, and to get ready for you to ride again. That way you might get a ‘don’t look back’ attitude, and I am here to answer questions in regard upgrades… or even for some mental support.

Of course, I also want you to know that Superbike-Coach is still here and will be there for you when time is right. Please do your best to slow the spread:

  • Have your own mug when getting a coffee
  • Ride slower as usual- cuz’ you don’t want to go to ANY hospital right now!
  • Have a mask when you know there are people
  • Have gloves when filling up your fuel tank
  • Wipe off shipments
  • Buy your grocery online and pick up, or better have it delivered
  • Call mom and dad!

Hope is good… too much though might blinds you.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Virus info in case you’re looking into our classes:

All of our classes are going, unless we call it off for a reschedule because of rain or we all turned to Zombies. Your risk to catch this while you are on the hunt for toilet paper or in a Costco line is way bigger. If you have virus symptoms… please stay home and get better. Other than that…

We’re outside, riding bikes on our track, and we’re young

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp