30 students graduated in our 1st ever Cornering School Day 4 class last Sunday, 7/23/2017. I can’t put in words how much all of these guys improved in many ways, which is why I try to let pictures speak for them selves:

Ryan G. became one of the faster students from almost nothing all the way up. His leaning angle says it all


Mark S. begun riding a couple of months ago!!!!


Ruben M. was breaking into turns with a slight lifted rear end, and not even got nervous

I’ve just finished Cornering School Day 4 – having done CSD 1 to 3 over the last 6 months, and I have to say it was the best investment in riding I could possibly make. Before CSD 1, I was looking to upgrade my bike and I know now just how much more I achieved by upgrading the rider – so not only is the class good value, but I have become a better, more confident and safer rider. We were the first group through the new CSD 4 class and without doubt, I can totally recommend it to any recent CSD3 graduates – even if you never intend to race. CSD1 to 3 gave us a toolkit of new skills, but CSD4 gave us a full day on track with coach’s guidance to put in all into practice, and then some. If nothing else, watching MotoGP takes on a completely new dimension when you’ve practiced some of those same core skills. Great atmosphere in class, great course content, perfect organization and most of all, top quality coaching. Highly recommended.

All featured pics are here ready for download. We at Superbike-Coach are going to miss everyone!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach