The Wheelie Course has been booked up since 2010, so will be the one on 4/29/2018

My team and me are looking forward to this adrenaline dripping event, and to meet all of its students. They will run their own bikes, our rental and wheelie 1on1 bike- as well as riding our mini bike and our brand new wheelie machine.

The waiting list will be long soon, so you better consider to book a spot for 10/14/2018!

Can’t wait :-)

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Yep… it is coming up again… quicker as you may think. So if you don’t want to miss it again, then I suggest to grab one of the last available spots:

This is Pete btw, who attended the Wheelie class back in May! Pete, a wheelie course graduate

No trick- no pitch… these classes will book out in the next 3 weeks… guaranteed!