Day 4 is for the more sophisticated rider to track day or even racing ambitions, and who has graduated Superbike-Coach’s Cornering School program Day 1, 2, and 3. Likewise all other days- day 4 will have a bunch of features:

  • map example More 1st hand subjects by Coach Can Akkaya: Track/Racing dynamics- Orientation points- Late braking- Passing in perfection- Reading lines
  • Perfectly set classroom and track sessions on our track in Stockton CA
  • Changing track layouts in Day 4
  • GPS analysis
  • Video analysis
  • Lap times

But don’t worry- even if track riding or racing isn’t your goal- this Day 4 isn’t that wrong for you anyway. It is more training with Coach Can Akkaya, and it kinda gives you a look behind the ‘racing curtain’. Always changing track layouts and passing all over the track puts you onto a challenging place.

Cornering School Day 4 will be available in 2017 only once, so have the schedule bookmarked to lock a spot to your name. We are looking forward to see you again!

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