Hello riders, students, friends, partners and fans.
Here we are again- reached the end of a year and facing a new one. This was the busiest year for Superbike-Coach ever. Besides one class- ALL others have been booked up… all of them! Between our scheduled classes, I had to coach lots of 1on1 or small groups throughout the year so that I’m looking forward to a little holiday break now. But before I inform you about 2019, I want to thank my team for everything they do. I love these guys.
OK, I’m all excited for 2019 because new programs are coming- and old ones are getting even better. We welcome new sponsors and extending relationships with existing partners, which means that they bring ‘Student Goodies’. The SBC website got cleaned up, and the mobile page has been refreshed. Right now we’re working hard on our schedule for 2019, and fills up already. All news are described in those boxes below…
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NEW Cruiser rider training on a race track?
Oh yes, because parking lot cone drill efficiency is both questionable and boring. Every motorcycle is subject to the same laws of physics: gravity, weight, G-forces, and centrifugal forces. The ‘Cruiser Rider Class’ is designed to hone skills for daily street riding on heavy bikes like Harleys, Goldwings, and all kinds of touring bikes. The dates are:
NEW Body Positioning Class
You want it hard and bad… there it is! Full class on 3 levels for Sportbike, racers and track riders. Get the full scoop, and not just to look good for a damn photo. Coach Can provides all the tricks which MotoGP racers are using to master their bikes. Drills, demos, classroom and plenty of riding time on our track for only $139. That includes track fees, water and snacks and even sport photography. This class is only ones per year and spots are already going. Secure one!
Cornering School: 2019 Schedule
All day 1 to 3 classes for 2019 are scheduled. Don’t wait too long to finally find out yourselves why Superbike-Coach cornering classes are booking out quickly. This is a professional street rider class on a track in the Valley for only $139, which includes track fees, hospitality and free sport photography by Dean Lonskey… oh, and real life, first hand material. The dates:
Wheelie Course fills up already
And again, we’ll also run our popular Wheelie Course in 2019- three times to be more specific. We welcome rider from all over the world in Stockton on our track where we deliver more than anyone else. Besides free video and photography by Dean Lonskey, we’ll bring Supermoto rentals, wheelie bars, a wheelie mini bike, and a wheelie machine. Furthermore, a entire team which can’t be more supportive and professional. Get your name on the roster before it’s too late!
  • Wheelie Course – 05/19/2019 – 9:00 am-4:30 pm – 19 spots are left – $189.00
  • Wheelie Course – 07/28/2019 – 9:00 am-4:30 pm – 33 spots are left – $189.00
  • Wheelie Course – 10/27/2019 – 9:00 am-4:30 pm – 33 spots are left – $189.00
Last time: Suspension Workshop & Track Time
Yes, for the last time we’ll run our workshop on this fun little track, the Little 99 Raceway. Take the chance and get your bike dialed in to you, and in-between you go on the track to feel the difference it makes. You can’t do wrong for only $99 bux, can you?! Come and have some track fun and learn something new about your ride- whatever that is!
Track Academy
…is designed for intermediate/advanced track riders and racers. Learn how to get past mental blocks and grow your skills by working side-by-side with a professional racer and coach. This class is fast-paced and for experienced riders, but you don’t need pre-experience with Superbike-Coach. Also Cornering School 1-3 graduates with track/racing ambitions are qualified to attend. Sign up promptly, because this class will only be taught once per year, and so it’s already filling!
  • Track Academy – 10/06/2019 – 9:00 am-4:30 pm – 26 spots are left – $139.00
Sideline Coaching
This is our track/racing program, developed to stay in your corner at test- or track day, or at your race. Coach Akkaya knows how to setup a race strategy, to motivate with the right words at the right time, and to ‘fight your demons’. Video, GPS and lap time analysis are rounding the sideline coaching up. There are no dates scheduled, but individually setup. Contact us.
CONTINUING ARTICLE: One Year Goes- A New Year Comes
I’m super excited about our new programs ‘Cruiser Rider Class‘ and the ‘Body Positioning Class‘, which addresses the needs of heavy duty motorcycle- and sport/track/racing orientated riders. All new dates are up for our flagship, the Cornering School followed by our Wheelie Course and the Knee Down class. We’ll add lot’s of Road Skill and Track Drill 1on3’s until February, while you won’t find those as 1on1. These, and as well as Basic Rider and Sideline Coaching are individually scheduled. Oh yea, and we’ll have the ‘Suspension Workshop & Track Time‘ event only ones more, so you better get on that roster soon.
Furthermore we are stoked about our new sponsors and welcome Continental Tires and Moto-Gear to the Superbike-Coach family. We will introduce them more detailed in the January issue. I’m very happy that the passionate guys from TechSpec Gripster Grip, Forma Boots USA and Dynojet Research have extended the relationship with us. Love you guys!
Happy New Year to everyone!
Thanks to all students and fans for your loyalty. Hope to see you again next year, as I hope to meet finally YOU too
Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp