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When people come to our wheelie course from all over the nation and even from overseas… and when this program is booked up about 4 months upfront… I think that this tells the story how good it is. So it was last Sunday. Exceptional vibe and eager through out the class.

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Superbike-Coach Corp

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had some great holidays with your loved ones. Yep, I know the weather is quite crappy these days- but doesn’t it itch your fingers to finally climb back on to your bike and ride it on your favorite canyon road or race track?! I tell ya… I’m walking up and down my walls, because the ceiling seems to come further down on me every day. I’m done with this weather, and I want to ride. Luckily I can real soon- next Sunday actually in my Cornering School with my students. You maybe want to join as well.

However, I have my ‘bike plan’ for 2017 down, which I want to share with you in this newsletter. Furthermore, I am hoping to help you with the info below, to set up YOUR ‘bike plan’ for becoming the rider you always wanted to be. We will line up all programs and their scheduled dates, so mainly Cornering School, Track Days, Wheelie Course, Knee Down, Road Skill, Youth Coaching, Supermoto 1on1 and Track Drill 1on1s. So a whole lotta rocking classes and event you should have on your plan.

Headcoach Can Akkaya

This is the Superbike-Coach flagship  which was almost entirely booked out last year. Four days are available and their subjects are aligned to each other. Read the full description here. All ‘days’ are well spread over the year, so that there must be a date match for you. We are ready when YOU are, so here we go:
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Last year, we started offering Track Days, and also these were totally booked out. Superbike-Coach track days are designed for the street rider, even those who actually don’t even have sport bikes. Relaxed bike and gear requirements are making it easy to ‘just give it a shot’. Our four group concept gives every rider level a place to join, from the advanced track rider to the cruiser rider in D group. So let’s get you going:

Many street riders taking advantage of the Road Skill 1on1, which in fact means… working with a professional rider personally for a reasonable fee. These are scheduled dates here, but keep in mind that we also can setup an individual date for weekends or weekdays:

Our Wheelie Courses are a blast, we welcome riders from all over this nation and sometimes from overseas. Booking out since 5 years now. Still… Coach is improving the wheelie class all the time, so you might get something new in this program we just don’t want to talk about now :-) . Here are the dates for 2017:

  • Wheelie Course – Stockton, CA, – 04/30/2017 – 23 spots are left – $179.00
  • Wheelie Course – Stockton, CA, – 10/15/2017 – 33 spots are left – $179.00


Superbike-Coach teaches the little racers and their parents with our Youth 1on1 Coaching program. These are the scheduled dates, but we are also flexible for your your track and date preferences:

  • Youth Coaching 1on1, up to 1on3 – Little 99 Raceway – 02/11/2017 – 3 spots are left – $150.00
  • Youth Coaching 1on1, up to 1on3 – Little 99 Raceway – 03/12/2017 – 3 spots are left – $150.00

Supermotard is some fine sports, and Coach Can Akkaya loves it. Also to teach, so here are some scheduled dates- or talk to us for a individual date (additional but small track fee):

  • Supermotard 1on1, up to 1on3 – Little 99 Raceway – 02/11/2017 – 3 spots are left – $199.00
  • Supermotard 1on1, up to 1on3 – Little 99 Raceway – 03/12/2017 – 3 spots are left – $199.00
  • Supermotard 1on1, up to 1on3 – Little 99 Raceway – 07/01/2017 – 3 spots are left – $199.00

For the first time we offer three dates of the Knee Down class, just because Coach wanted to reduce the number of students per class. That gives him more time with the individual and demonstrates the Superbike-Coach is different in many ways. Come out and see:

  • Knee Down, group – Little 99 Raceway – 04/29/2017 – 15 spots are left – $149.00
  • Knee Down, group – Little 99 Raceway – 08/13/2017 – 21 spots are left – $149.00
  • Knee Down, group – Little 99 Raceway – 10/14/2017 – 22 spots are left – $149.00

Serious track riders and track rookies are taking us up for a Track Drill 1on1 coaching. Learn from a racing pro to skip years of training, pain and costs. Here are some scheduled dates, but we are also flexible with your track choice and date:

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