Clarify Superbike-Coach Track Days


I use to clear up things with my articles, so here is my take on some answers to questions we’re receiving in regard our track days:

  • Yes, we’re open all turns the west track has to offer.
  • Yes, we have track Marshall’s on all turns, an Ambulance with two EMT’s, and a Helicopter on call.
  • Yes, we have a starter, announcer, and group/gate control.
  • Yes, we run 3 level groups C, B, and B+, 7×20 minutes sessions each.
  • B+ is no A-group- more an extension of B group. A-riders are welcome of course, but riding under B+ where I expect that B-riders keep their ego in check (you can’t get them anyway and you don’t want to hurt someone just because you feel challenged).
  • Yes, you don’t need to have racing gear necessarily, and of course i can tell you our definition of street riding gear below in an article. let me know if you need gear, and I can get you a 40% off discount on Axo USA gear. We accept leather OR textile as long pants and jacket are zip-able. If not zip-able, we would ask you to have a back protector, but be aware that the Thunderhill staffs might take you out (this is not on us!). Nobody else but you is responsible for the road rash you’re getting.
  • Yes, we have experienced control riders on all groups checking for rule violations.
  • No, we’re not wasting spots to let ego-driven instructors racing each other.
  • No, you don’t need to have a class under your belt to attend our track days, but I highly recommend it.
  • No, this is not a ‘school’, but a ‘too fun to miss out’ event where you’ll be safer as if you would go for a ride on public roads instead. If you are looking for solid education, then you most likely won’t find it within track days anyway. Read my article in regard to this, and consider to also start out my Cornering School program.
  • No, we don’t have a tire service going on, because I truly believe that if you would have to change tires between sessions- that you are just hell of badly prepared. Don’t waste your time and get dirty on 8/27/ when you actually have time to do it with ease way before.
  • Yes, I strongly believe that your suspension is ok for what you do. Don’t spend time and hope up that this might fixes your riding problems, cuz’ it does not. You might consider my ‘Workshop & Track Time’ event on 9/17/ at that point.
  • No overnight camping in the paddock possible! There are hotels and also a designated camp area in front of the main gate though. If you sneak in… we’ll forward the invoice we’d get for it to YOU.
  • Yes, we have a towing vehicle to get your baby back to the paddock.
  • Yes, we run a C-group orientation at 9:05am and a ‘sightseeing track session’ at 9:40am.
  • Yes, I’ll give a ‘Ideal Line West seminar’, Club house at 1:30pm

Now get some education till then. See ya!

Headcoach Can Akkaya, Sacramento
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